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Our lovely friend, Hugh, offered to take us to Guernsey for the day in a prop plane he has access to, and we jumped at the chance. We had an early start, driving to Duxford airfield to meet Hugh and inspect the plane:

Guernsey 1

We had to change our flight plan because it turned out none of the humans had remembered to bring their passports, and Hugh was also a bit worried about the weather over Guernsey, so we planned to head to Newquay instead.

There were lots of checks to carry out, so I took the opportunity to examine the interior. The actual seats were a lot more comfortable than the one I tried:

Guernsey 2

I doublechecked the instruments to make sure everything was in order, and declared us ready to take off:

Guernsey 3

We were soon in the air, enjoying wonderful views from about 2000 feet. My primary human was particular pleased when we passed over Oxford and she could identify several landmarks from her time there:

Guernsey 4

It was after this that things started to go awry, as the weather turned against us, and it became dangerous to try and fly through, under, or over the heavy clouds and rain. We tried various places to land, and eventually ended up at Henstridge, a small airfield in the middle of nowhere in Somerset. Hugh did a brilliant job of remaining calm, and got us safely on the ground. We were all ready for lunch by this point, and the airfield turned out to have an excellent cafe. The weather continued very changeable, and there were reports of a thunderstorm over Duxford, so we decided in the end to abandon the plane at Henstridge and travel back to London on the train.

Our transport problems were not yet over, though, as our train terminated unexpected at Woking, and the next one was then considerably delayed by signalling trouble:

Guernsey 5

Once we finally arrived back in London, my primary human and I took the opportunity to head home, but Hugh and my secondary human still had to travel to Cambridge and then on to Duxford to pick up the cars (and poor Hugh will at some point have to fly back to Henstridge with someone to pick up the plane).

So, it was a long day, with lots of unforeseen changes to the travel plans, but it was still good fun. The people at Henstridge were very welcoming (they even gave my primary human a bottle of wine to drink while the menfolk were securing the plane), and the company overall was excellent. So we weathered the storm (quite literally) and managed to have a convivial time all the same.

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My primary human likes tea. A lot. So much, that there wasn't enough space in our kitchen cupboards to store it all.

So, we decided to invite some friends over to drink some of it. We started off with an excellent buffet-style repast of interesting bread and various types of salad:

Tasting 1

Then it was on to the tea! Obviously, since the purpose of the event was to use up some of the tea we already had, my primary human purchased seven new types of tea to add to the selection... One of our friends also brought two types, so we had a total of twenty-two available for sampling! There were scorecards and everything...

Tasting 2

The whole thing went very well and was highly enjoyable. We had traditional tea ceremony music, and there was much conversation and laughter, so I would declare the occasion a resounding success. However, it did not solve the problem of tea storage in the slightest. So, my secondary human suggested the purchase of a new tea storage solution, which resulted in this rather glorious cabinet being installed in the kitchen:

Tasting 3

As some of the tea had been fully drunk, and some had been returned to my primary human's office, it turned out that one of the drawers was going to be left empty. So we bought more tea... Additionally, my good friend Trent (who acts as Deputy Morale Officer where my primary human works, reporting to the Chief Morale Officer, Mister Duck) decided he should get in on the act, and prompted the purchase of a similar storage solution for the office:

Tasting 4

So, now my primary human has the benefits of beautiful objects and easily accessible tea both at work and at home. Marvellous! Fancy a cuppa, anyone?

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In mid-July, the humans and I travelled down to Swanage, a little town on a promontory on the south coast. We stayed for a week, spending time with friends we hadn't seen in a long time, and enjoying the sunshine.

Swanage 1

We came across many fun and interesting creatures during our time there. These ducks had a lovely spot in a local playground:

Swanage 2

This fellow looked after the house where our friends were staying:

Swanage 3

There were owls of all shapes, sizes, styles and expressions all over the town:

Swanage 4

This impressive gentleman stood sentry every day outside one of the shops on the high street:

Swanage 5

Mister Quacky formed one of our party and enjoyed finding respite from his rather enthusiastic human in high places:

Swanage 6

We came across this rather lovely painting in an excellent cafe we found for lunch one day:

Swanage 7

We took the steam train to Corfe Castle on one of the days, which made for a great trip:

Swanage 8

The castle itself was visible from various points in the town, and we very much enjoyed exploring it:

Swanage 9

We had plenty of delicious food in between our wanderings:

Swanage 10

We also find time to relax, which made a nice change from dashing about all over the place:

Swanage 11

Overall, Swanage is a beautiful place, with plenty to see and do, and all very walkable:

Swanage 12

It also had plenty of good photo opportunities...

Swanage 13

We picked us some lovely souvenirs from our trip, which have found a good home amongst our other ornaments:

Swanage 14

It was a great week. Always good to get away from London for a while. Good company, plenty of exercise, and lots of fun.

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A few weeks ago, my primary human and I went to Felixstowe for the weekend, to meet some writer friends at the literary festival. It was nice to be by the seaside:

Felixstowe 1

Felixstowe itself turned out to be very pleasant, with particularly well-maintained public spaces:

Felixstowe 2

My human attended some workshops, where she did some interesting writing, and some author talks. We nearly made it through the whole weekend without buying any books, but cracked at the last panel and bought two:

Felixstowe 3

It was great to spend time with good friends, and the range of sessions available over the weekend was very good. We'll definitely consider going again next year!

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The week before last, my primary human and I took a trip up to Hebden Bridge to attend a week-long tutored writing retreat at Ted Hughes' house, Lumb Bank. We felt a great sense of nostalgia on arrival as this was where my human finished the first draft of her novel, back in September 2015.

Lumb Bank 1

The workshops were enhanced by beautiful table decorations, and there was much literary discussion.

Lumb Bank 2

While my human worked hard at her writing, I enjoyed the glorious view from our attic room:

Lumb Bank 3

The weather was wonderful all week, so we did managed to get outside at some points to enjoy the lovely grounds:

Lumb Bank 4

We may not have felt it so much back in London, but spring had definitely sprung up in Yorkshire!

Lumb Bank 5

There were lots of flowers to appreciate, so we did our best:

Lumb Bank 6

We made some new friends, my human wrote an entirely new story, and there was much enjoyment in listening to the other writers' work on the last night.  It really was a joy to be back at Lumb Bank, and I hope we will go there again in the future.
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My primary human and I were invited to go to Chipping Norton Literary Festival by the lovely friends we met at NAWG Fest last September, and we very eagerly accepted. It was great catching up with them, and I particularly enjoyed seeing Nawg Dawg again, not least because it meant I got to travel in style (rather than my usual transportation of being stuffed in a bag...):

Chip Lit 1

We met lots of bookworms scattered around the town in honour of the festival, and they were a friendly bunch:

Chip Lit 2

The sessions we attended were excellent, though a little hard on the wallet because we wanted to buy all the books being promoted by their authors. We ended up with a reasonably restrained haul of five:

Chip Lit 3

We managed to find time to wander round the town and admire the picturesque countryside:

Chip Lit 5

Then, I decided to get an early night, while Nawg Dawg rejoined the humans to take part in the quiz - and it all went a bit off the rails...

Chip Lit 6

The team made a decent showing and ended up solidly in the middle on the scoring, while my errant young friend found a novel use for one of the answer sheets:

Chip Lit 7

I can very safely say a marvellous time was had by all, and I shall look forward to reading my human's reviews of the books we bought!
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This past weekend, we travelled up to York to see a Blackbeard's Tea Party gig and do a really fun escape room. Rather than book into any mundane, boring type of accommodation, we stayed on a boat!

Boat 1

It had a permanent mooring, so didn't actually go anywhere, but I enjoyed pretending to be captain anyway:

Boat 2

It was so much bigger and wider than the narrowboats we were used, we generally forgot we were even afloat:

Boat 3

My humans argued a bit over how much bigger than our flat the boat was, but it's safe to say it was bigger:

Boat 4

It had a lighthouse motif that was repeated throughout the boat in various guises, and one of them was looked after by these friendly gulls:

Boat 5

In between our schedule activities, we took a wander round The Shambles, and stopped off for some refreshment at Hebden Tea:

Boat 6

We saw someone making fudge through a shop window and had to stop and purchase some - it was yummy:

Boat 7

We came across this fine, furry fellow, who was happy to pose for a photo:

Boat 8

This gentleman was less enthused:

Boat 9

But the sparkly hedgehogs of the yarn shop were very gracious hosts:

Boat 10

Board games were also purchased and played, so it was an awesome combination of many activities the humans really enjoy - and a good time was had by all!

New York

Mar. 13th, 2017 07:56 am
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Our last stop on our US trip was New York! My secondary human was there last summer, but my primary human and I were new to the city, and initially a little overwhelmed. Still, this friendly fellow was right outside our hotel to welcome us! He's apparently a firebird, but he looks a lot like a Canadian Inukshuk to me, and we became fast friends:

New York 1

On our first afternoon in the Big Apple, my secondary human took us to Top of the Rock, the viewing platform at the top of the Rockerfeller Centre. My primary human was a little unsure about this, but the views were spectacular, especially of Central Park:

New York 2

My primary human was doubly amused and pleased to find a Dean and Deluca coffee shop on the same block as our hotel. This is not only the place where Felicity works throughout her time in New York in the show, Felicity, from the 90s, which we watched all the way through last year. It is also where John Green and Maureen Johnson used to meet up to write in the mid-2000s, and where he first told her about the Brotherhood 2.0 project, which spawned Nerdfighteria, so it brought us full circle to the reason we were in the US in the first place! The Jasmine and Orange Blossom tea was also extremely nice:

New York 3

My humans have a somewhat romantic connection to the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, which unfortunately didn't have any water in it when we visited. The trip was also slightly overshadowed by my primary human identifying the location as the setting of several important scenes in John Wick and John Wick 2, which rather dampened the romantic atmosphere:

New York 4

Another entertainment-related connection we made was to the Dakota Building, which you can just about make out through the tree I'm sitting in! This was the point from which the protagonist embarked on his trip through time in Time and Again by Jack Finney, a book we discussed for a family book club session a couple of years ago:

New York 5

One of the highlights of the trip was walking the High-Line (see what I did there?), a disused elevated train line, which has been transformed into a well-designed and very attractive pedestrian walkway. We unfortunately couldn't appreciate its true beauty, since there was little foliage in evidence at the start of March, but we did find some lovely blossom to admire:

New York 6 After all that walking, it was time for some refreshments, which we found at The Sugar Factory, where the bartender provided much entertainment by mixing ridiculous cocktails involving dry ice and jelly sweets. I enjoyed a giant milkshake with my secondary human, while my primary human was stuck with chamomile tea, as she was watching her sugar intake (honest!):

New York 7

After a much-needed rest back at the hotel, we took an evening stroll to Grand Central Station, where the humans yet again demonstrated a conflict in their associations. My secondary human brought to mind the sad and romantic conclusion to The Fisher King, whilst my primary human lowered the tone by reminiscing about the Hulk punching Thor in the face during the climax of Avengers Assemble:

New York 8

On our second full day, we took the Staten Island Ferry in order to view the Statue of Liberty from a short distance. The photo of that didn't come out very well, so here's me enjoying having the ferry viewing promenade all to myself:

New York 9

One of the new friends we made in Boston was Nicola Tesla, so we couldn't resist this shot when we spotted the sign for Nicola Tesla Corner near Bryant Park on our final morning in New York:

New York 10

Our main activity for the morning was to visit the New York Public Library, which has some spectacular rooms and ceilings - and also housed Winnie-The-Pooh and Friends:

New York 11

And what better way to pass the time before we have to go to the airport, than by enjoying some lovely tea and cakes at a posh French bakery:

New York 12

After a slightly anxious start, I have to say we ended up having a great time in New York, and we were glad we had decided to extend our trip to include a few days there.


Mar. 11th, 2017 04:40 pm
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After NerdCon, we stayed in Boston for a couple of extra days, and saw the sites. This mostly involved walking the excellent Freedom Trail:

Boston 1

This is the 'new' Massachusetts State House, which its famous golden dome, the gold of which was originally taken from the South in the Civil War (so the building isn't that new...):

Boston 2

This is a memorial to Robert Gould Shaw, who took command of the first all-black military unit in the US Civil War. The memorial is unusual because it shows him with his men, rather than it just being a statue of him on his horse.

Boston 3

This is the Boston Democratic donkey, so placed in front of the town hall because Massachusetts habitually votes Democrat.

Boston 4

And here we have the 'old' Massachusetts State House, which displays the British symbology of lion and unicorn, which is why it was replaced by the new building.

Boston 5

We heard a great deal about Paul Revere on the tour, and all the many things he's remembered for doing, a lot of which he actually didn't. But he still gets a quite impressive statue:

Boston 6

The guided tour section of the trail only took us so far, so we continued on to cover the rest of it on our own. This was very easy, because it's actually embedded in the street so you always know where to go:

Boston 7

On our second free day in Boston, we walked to Harvard, over a bridge where the distance is measured in Smoots. This is the height of a particular MIT student from some time ago, but the new students each year have to repaint the markings, so they will always stay fresh.

Boston 8

This is Memorial Hall on the Harvard campus, which contains a dining hall and an auditorium for important speakers:

Boston 9

This is the famous statue of John Harvard, which isn't actually of him at all, because no records of what he looked like survived by the time it was built:

Boston 10 

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped off at MIT to complete our university tour:

Boston 11

Overall, our time in Boston was very educational and also fun.
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This past ten days, the humans and I have been in the US, and the reason we went was to attend NerdCon: Nerdfighteria in Boston on 25-26 February. This was a convention organised by Hank and John Green in their guise as The Vlogbrothers from YouTube, to celebrate the community (called Nerdfighteria) that has sprung up around their videos. The opening ceremony started with a retrospective video, charting the history of their collaboration and achievements, and it made my primary human cry.

1 NerdCon

The back of the programme featured the community's catchphrase, which are definitely words to live by:

2 Words to Live By

The first panel we went to was Healthcare Triage Live, hosted by Aaron Carrol, who does videos about the US healthcare system and answers general health-related questions from viewers - it was both fun and interesting:

3 Healthcare Triage

Nerdfighteria is an inclusive community, and we were impressed by the alteration of the standard bathroom arrangements:

4 Bathrooms

My primary human and I went to NerdWrito, as session where we were given three prompt cards and then had 40 minutes to compose a story based on them - she managed a complete story which she then entered into that week's Hour of Writes competition:

5 NerdWrito

There were lots of Nerdfighters in awesome t-shirts, but we particularly liked this one, especially when combined with a knitted Hanklerfish hat:

6 Hanklerfish Hat

We saw Hank and John themselves from quite some distance away, during the live recording of their Dear Hank and John podcast, which features news from AFC Wimbledon and Mars, dubious advice, and frequent discussion of death:

7 Hank and John

We also went to what turned out to be a really great presentation about the music that has come out of the Nerdfighter community, or is associated with it. The only reason we went was so as to get a good seat for the panel that came after it, but we really enjoyed this:

8 Nerd Punk

The main reason my primary human wanted to go to the con was to meet her favourite YouTubers, Jonathan and Ben Carlin, who do videos about Disney films, Harry Potter, and Marvel. They did an entertaining presentation about How To Not Suck At Vlogging, and were kind enough to pose for a picture afterwards:

9 J and Ben

We were also pleased to get the opportunity to meet Rosianna Halse Rojas, who makes very good videos about mental health, literary books, cooking and general life skills. She seemed a bit bemused by my request for a photo, but was very gracious about it:

10 Rosianna

Rosianna led the NerdFighter Book Club session on the Sunday afternoon, and there was a really excellent discussion of Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of A Fist, by Sunil Yappa. This is just one page of the many notes my primary human made about the book:

11 Book Club

In the main merchandise space, there was a wall with various questions posted on it, where attendees could share their experiences of Nerdfighteria, and it certainly got a lot of use over the course of the weekend:

12 Nerdfighteria

Overall, we had a great time. There was a huge range of different sessions to choose from, everyone we met was really lovely, and it was well worth the trip to the other side of the pond.

We extended our visit to Boston for a few days after the con, but that's for another post later in the week...
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My primary human and I took a very pleasant walk around Chinatown and its environs yesterday, with one of my human's friends, who helped us see things in a more artistic light. First of all, though, we stopped off to say hello to this fine fellow:

Chinatown 1

There was lots of tasty food on display to tempt us, but we refrained, since we were due to meet my secondary human for dinner later:

Chinatown 2

Resisting was particularly difficult when confronted with these amazing cakes!

Chinatown 3

So, we turned our attention to more creative thoughts, and I discovered my human's friend has a very good eye for photography:

Chinatown 4

My human had a go as well - with, um, interesting results:

Chinatown 5

We unexpectedly came across Agatha Christie and stopped for a chat:

Chinatown 6

Our walk ended in Trafalgar Square, where I took a moment to relax and enjoy the view:

Chinatown 7

Many thanks to Geena for her excellent company and photographic skills - we shall have to do this again sometime!

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Last week, my primary human and I took a very pleasant trip down to Dartmoor:

Stickwick 1

We were staying at Stickwick Manor, not far from Newton Abbott, where a group of writers had gathered for some welcome time away from daily life, to focus on their writing:

Stickwick 2

Some of the rooms were very luxurious with masses of space and opulent trimmings:

Stickwick 3

But we were much happier in our smaller, much cosier accommodations:

Stickwick 4

There was a big window, which provided a beautiful view out over the fields:

Stickwick 5

We found this intriguing door, but of course did not venture in, since we were there to work hard!

Stickwick 6

We did take a lovely walk on one of the days - after all, exercise is important to get the creative juices flowing:

Stickwick 7

There wasn't much interaction with the other residents during the day, but we generally gathered in this very comfy lounge an hour or so before dinner, to catch up and relax:

Stickwick 8

Everyone was very lovely, and the food was amazing, and my human very much enjoyed the time away.

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Back in the first week of December, my primary human and I took a trip up to the Moniack Mhor Writing Centre, a 30 minute drive from Inverness. The main building was an old farmhouse, with an interesting structure on the grounds, affectionately referred to as The Hobbit House:

Moniack Mhor 1

This was the view from our bedroom window - very atmospheric with all the mist. Perfect to gain inspiration for writing!

Moniack Mhor 2

The Hobbit House had two wood-burning stoves, but it was difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in there. It always seemed to be either too cold or too hot. It was a lovely building, though, with seats all round the edge for group discussions or readings.

Moniack Mhor 3

On one of the days, we took a break from writing to go on a guided walk and discovered some lovely masonry in the woods:

Moniack Mhor 4

And when we returned, I found a friend to talk to on the grounds of the writing centre:

Moniack Mhor 5

I can't claim to have written much myself, while we were there, and it's taken me rather a long time to complete my account!  However, I heard tell that the tutor-led workshops were really excellent, and that my human had a lot of fun talking to the other writers. So, it was an excellent trip, all round!

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Welcome to the Oxenford Gatehouse, near Elstead in Surrey:

Gatehouse 1

It might look a bit forbidding at first, with these massive gates:

Gatehouse 2

And the key to the front door is far too heavy for me to lift:

Gatehouse 3

But, once inside, there's a lovely spot to sit and watch the cows:

Gatehouse 4

And the stone walls don't bar a view of the surrounding countryside:

Gatehouse 5

In fact, if you can reach the top, the view is quite expansive and very beautiful:

Gatehouse 6

There are mushrooms along the path:

Gatehouse 7

And a very restful moat - the perfect spot to enjoy the sunshine and watch the world go by:

Gatehouse 8

This small, but majestic building has a lot to recommend it:

Gatehouse 9

My human and I enjoyed the peace and quiet, away from the bustle of London.

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My primary human and I spent a fantastic weekend at NAWGFest, arriving back home this afternoon. For the uninitiated, that's the National Association of Writers' Groups Festival, which we bought a ticket for on a whim a few weeks ago. It turned out to be a tremendous success, with my human getting over-excited and signing up for all sorts of interesting things, meetings lots of lovely people, and generally having a grand old time.

I also made a new friend:

NAWGFest 2016

His name is Nawg Dawg and he was won in the raffle by one of my human's new friends, who is also a member of the writing group my human has been invited to join.

I can safely say an excellent time was had by all, and we shall certainly consider going back again next year!

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Thursday found the humans and me meeting up with some new friends to walk part of the BFG Dream Jar Trail in central London. Our first stop was Broadgate Circle near Liverpool Street station:


The jar itself proved quite difficult to locate but we came across some other interesting art while we were looking:


An eagle-eyed member of the party finally spotted what we were looking for - the jar designed by Nadiya Hussain, entitled "Totem Pole":


Our walk took us down towards Bank, where we found the next jar outside The Royal Exchange. This one was designed by David Weir and was called "The Heart Takes Over":


There were two jars to find in the environs of St Paul's, the first of which was designed by Dominic West and was entitled "Home Is Where The Heart Is":


The second was probably my favourite of the ones we saw, designed by Stephen Hawking, and called "I Dream of the Universe:


Next, we wandered across to Monument, where we found the jar entitled "A Stitch In Time Saves Nine", designed by Jenny Packham:


Lastly, we ventured down to the river front, where our final jar of the day waited. This one was designed by Ben Ainslie, and was called "Ship of Dreams":


The jars are only available to view until 31 August, which is a shame, because it would have been fun to arrange another walking route to find some more. Still, the evening was rounded off with some delicious tapas, and good conversation with new friends, so a lovely outing overall.

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After my trip round Mayfair the other day, I moved into my new flat and my new housemates threw a party to welcome me!

Philosopher Disco

"Ah ha ha ha ... staying sublime
Well I can tell by the way I use my mind
I'm a consciousness, no more to find..."

Disco philosophy!

The jungle group wanted to sing YMCA but found some of the shapes a bit hard.

They're a clever bunch, though, so they suggested we substitue semaphore:

Semaphore YMCA

And talking of clever, my new human won a medal at the Mind Sports Olympiad over the weekend, and he let me try it on:

Catan Winner Totoro

Everyone here is very friendly, and we've had a lot of fun so far - I think I'm going to like living here!

This is Totoro, signing off!
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Mayfair 1

"This place we find ourselves in is scary."
"No, it's not! It's awesome! We should go exploring!"
"Um, no thanks. I think I'll just stay here where it's safe."
"Well, I'm off out! Later!"

Mayfair 2

This guy looks interesting! Exploring is educational!

Mayfair 3

There is some cool architecture, too! I am immersing myself in culture!

]Mayfair 4

This is a famous street! But why do I suddenly feel naked?

Mayfair 5

Look, an elephant! And he's got fancy kit!

Mayfair 6

A giant wooden lobster! What on earth could be next?

Mayfair 7

What is this Sexy Fish? It sounds very strange!

Mayfair 8

Wooh - everything's gone a bit American Beauty, all of a sudden!

Perhaps it's time to go home now...
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While all the craziness is going on in New York, I will return this channel to its regular programming of mind-broadening travel and cultural reports. My primary human's favourite part of the holiday was our visit to the Swiss Museum of Games in Vevey. It was small, but very well laid out, with interesting exhibits and a room full of games where you could pause and play. Now, my human isn't all that keen on chess as a game, but she does love chess sets, and there were plenty here to admire. Llamas! 1 Chess 1 Woolly mammoths! 3 Chess 3 Scary clowns! 4 Chess 4 Giraffes and zebras! 5 Chess 5 There were also lots of other awesome things to see, like this medi-eval book of games: 6 Ancient Book My human was less impressed by this 18th century quote from the Academic of Games: 7 Sexist Quote One of the other games that had lots of sets in the exhibition was Mancala. This example is quite simple and rustic, but they had many more ornate sets on display, most carved to look like reptiles: 8 Mancala I have no idea what game this is, but it looks quite interesting: 9 Unknown We had fun with this one, which seemed to be an ancient version of air hockey: 10 Ancient Air Hockey Upstairs, there was a whole exhibit case dedicated to the phenomenon of Catan! 12 Catan Display And they also had the biggest jigsaw in the world on display - over 32,000 pieces! It was beautiful: 13 Biggest Jigsaw We stopped off in the games room for a quick game of Splendor on our way round, but managed to escape the gift shop without making any purchases. And excellent museum, and a great last day to our holiday.
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No prison can hold me! I'm gonna blow this popsicle-stand of a country! This is more like it! Bring me your tired, your poor and your huddled masses - so I can rule over them! Hoorah for unfettered capitalism! I'm a bit late off the blocks but I've arrived in NYC. Now, where is that miscreant? Soon all this will be mine! Is he over here? Then I'll conquer this too! It feels like he could be close by, but no sign of him. He could be anywhere! He's not in Grand Central Station. I had a tip that he was in the library but no-show there either. This bookstore is great - now, this gives me ideas! Maybe he just decided to go for a nice walk... They'll soon all bow before my mighty army of bearbots! It's no good - I have no idea where he is! No - the bearbot army isn't enough. I need more! Mwuhahhahha! Just shave off a bit of this... Into the cloning labs... Instead of Minime they'll cower before Maxime! Mwuahhahhahhhhahhahha! I AM SO EVIL! To be continued...
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