Jan. 18th, 2019

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Last weekend, my primary human and I travelled to Eastbourne for our fifth reading retreat. The house we stayed in was pretty fancy:

Eastbourne 1

We moved around quite a bit over the weekend, reading in bed and in the smaller reading room, but this was our preferred spot:

Eastbourne 2

Other readers took up position in the large conservatory at the back of the house, where there was also a jigsaw to try when taking a break:

Eastbourne 3

The view of the marina was very pleasant:

Eastbourne 4

We did venture out for a walk on the Saturday afternoon. The random public art at the housing estate roundabout demonstrated a not unexpected nautical theme:

Eastbourne 5

There was a pleasant walk among the rocks to view the Martello Tower:

Eastbourne 6

And there was, of course, also the sea!

Eastbourne 7

Some of the rocks were interestingly marked:

Eastbourne 8

And the architecture of the waterworks was almost Escher-esque:

Eastbourne 9

But mostly we read and read and ate and read and ate and read some more. My human was particularly pleased with the fingerless gloves in this occasion's goody bag:

Eastbourne 10

Not long to wait until the next retreat in March - and we're already booked for one in November too!


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