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Iceland is very pretty:

1 Pretty

But there are lots of holes in the ground you have to be careful to avoid:

2 Fissure

It also has glaciers:

3 Glacier

And steam coming right out of the ground:

4 Steamy

We saw a small amount of water shoot up in the air:

5 Geyser Pic

And a much greater amount of water plunging down to the ground:

6 Waterfall

My primary human had an awesome scarf to protect her from the cold:

7 Scarf

And my secondary human provided a snug place for me to take shelter:

8 Snug

I met lots of interesting, friendly folks on our trip:

9 Rock People

We came across this gentleman, just chilling in the park (see what I did there?):

10 Chilling

And I met a fellow bear standing guard outside a shop:


This fine fellow had a place of prominence in the town centre:

12 Dude

And the legend of the Icelandic Christmas Cat says he will eat anyone who doesn't get new clothes for Christmas, so it looks like I'd better ask for a new jumper!

13 Cat

The Icelandic horse has its own monument:

14 Horse

Thor is still important to the Icelandic people, as evidenced by this representation of him in a shop:

15 Thor

But alongside all the ancient myths and traditions, the cathedral only dates back to the 1980s and kind of looks like its made of lego:

16 Cathedral

The humans and I really enjoyed our trip to Iceland!


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