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The second half of our Scottish Highlands trip started with a lovely lunch in Fort Augustus, where we met this lovely lady:

12 Fort Augusts Nessie

Then we made our way to Castle Urquhart, which has some impressive ruins, and the sun came out to welcome us:

13 Urquhart Castle

We managed to look round most of the castle before it started raining again:

14 In the Ruins

We stayed the next two nights in Plockton, where it was a little too grey for the bay to be seen in its best light:

15 Plockton Bay

We did spend quite a lot of time in the car, but the views out the window were definitely worth it:

16 View from the Road

It was perhaps most dramatic on the drive to Applecross, which was steep and narrow:

17 Road to Applecross

On our last day, the weather smiled on us again when we went to visit the gardens around Attadale House:

18 Attadale House

There was even enough sun to tell the time by the giant sundial:

19 Giant Sundial

The gardens were very varied - they even had a geodesic dome:

20 In the Dome

There were interesting rock sculptures in the woods:

21 Rocks in the Woods

And a beautiful Japanese garden with a place to complete a cleansing ritual on the way in:

22 Japanese Garden

The humans and I had an excellent time, and we will definitely be returning to the Scottish Highlands for more holidays in the future.


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