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Our next day in Morocco started with a tour round the Roman ruins at Volubilis:

1 Ruins

My human was particularly interested in this as she studied classics a lot and has some familiarity with such sites:

2 Ruins

It was a beautiful day and the ruins looked very lovely in the sunshine:

3 Ruins

Then we made our way to Meknes for another tour, where we met The Water Man, a traditional Moroccan figure:

4 Water Man

Our longest touring day was in Fes, which is quite large:

5 Fes

We started at the royal palace, which has very ornate doors:

6 Fes Palace

Then we went to a ceramics workshop, where we saw craftsmen working on mosaics. They do it by hand, placing the pieces together upside-down, so they have to memorise the pattern:

7 Mosaic

The medina of the city houses the main market, and lots of very narrow streets:

8 Medina Street

We were given fresh mint to sniff before entering the tannery, though my human and I didn't think it smelled that bad - not that we'd want to work there, though:

9 Tannery

After the hustle and bustle of the market, it was nice to take a moment for some peace and quite, and reflection, at the Quranic school:

10 School

And it wouldn't have been a proper trip to Fes without at least one fez!

11 Fez in Fes

Morocco is beautiful and very varied, and we were glad of the opportunity to see so many different things. But the best was yet to come!


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