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Today, my primary human and I got back from our fourth reading retreat (, which was at The Well House near Leominster (apparently pronounced 'lempster'), a converted barn in the village of Brierley:

1 Well House

I got a wonderful surprise when we were shown to our room, because our lovely hosts had made a special goody bag, just for me! So, I was well provisioned for our stay:

2 Bear Goodies

My human also got a goody bag, and had packed plenty of interesting books to read over the weekend. She actually got through five, if you count the reading done on the journey there and back, as well as at the house:

3 Human Goodies

The house was lovely, with lots of nice little details scattered around:

4 Detail

We didn't go for the usual daily walks, but made it far enough outside to discover the original well that gives the house its name:

5 The Well

The reading room was luxurious and had enough sofas for the readers to almost have one each, with plenty of armchairs to supplement the comfort:

6 Reading Room

But it got a bit warm in the reading room sometimes, so my human and I did quite a lot of reading in our very cosy room, so as to avoid falling asleep over our books:

7 Cosy

The food was amazing, as ever, and the company was excellent, so another wonderful reading weekend under our belts. We've got two more booked already for next year!


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