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The humans and I headed down to the south coast for a few days for Christmas with the family. My primary human's family aren't particularly traditional, but in terms of decorations they seem to feel old is best. The tree dates back at least twenty years:

1 Tree

The stockings are maybe only about ten years old, but now a staunch and welcome part of the festive season. My primary human spotted them in a sweet shop and asked how much they were. The shop assistant said they were actually part of the shop's decorations and not strictly for sale, but the manager was happy to give them up to go to a good home:

2 Stockings

This jolly message from the Mister Men is almost as old as my primary human (so about 40) and has survived remarkably well:

3 Mister Men

Santa's sleigh is of a similar era and has lost a few minor bits and pieces along the way, but still makes a good effort:

4 Sleigh

My primary human's youthful creative efforts are not spared from the nostalgia fest:

5 Masks

There used to be a sack of presents each, which has now been downgraded to a medium-sized bag. But nobody was complaining and everyone seemed to like what they got:

6 Presents

But being with family is by far the most important part of Christmas for my humans. The snowmen seem to agree:

7 Snowmen

And I certainly appreciated the chance to catch up with Tigger and Father Christmas, and enjoy a snuggle with the delightful Dolce, who said she liked my Christmas jumper:

8 Family

Merry Christmas everyone! And all the best for 2019!


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